Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holiday Open House - Take 2

It was probably sometime around this time last year that I first posted about the Holiday Open House. A friend of a friend was opening her home to 20 or so vendors that she happened to know to give them an opportunity to sell product to some early Christmas shoppers. For a first time, I would say it was semi-successful. Not a ton of people came and hardly anyone bought. I don't think that people really knew what to expect. Or maybe it just wasn't close enough to Christmas for people to be shopping for gifts. But I learned a TON!

This year it is being hosted by Jenina, so it will be in Irving, and I am going to participate again. Last year I made pre-assembled Christmas scrapbooks and handmade Christmas ornaments. I thought that they were adorable but I left with almost as much inventory as I showed up with and I lost money on it.

This year I am going a different route. I woke thinking about paper crafts and spent some time today going through my supplies and a crafting magazine. I think I am going to go for hand made cards and possibly some hand made ornaments. I will probably buy a few stamps and maybe some punchers, but my goal is to spend as little as possible and make as much as possible. Obviously.

I am excited already! I hope to make some cards on Monday! Maybe I will post some pics. Maybe. =-)

And by the way, I must say that the first day of our 3 day weekend was quite nice =-) Wish it had been cooler, but here's hoping for a cooler next couple of days? Pretty please?

Be safe out there!

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