Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sometimes I Honestly Worry...

that I am losing my mind. Last night? Total meltdown. I have no idea what that was about. I couldn't stop crying. Poor Brett... what he must have though. We finished dinner and I asked him if I could sit with him for a bit and then I just laid my head on him and started to cry. After a few minutes of it I had to pretend like I wanted to take a shower so I could go into the bathroom and completely lose it. What is wrong with me?

My head is so full, I can hardly function. Thank goodness I am going to dinner with my mom tonight! Maybe I can talk some of it out. I DESPERATELY need a night with Jenina and Jennifer. I always feel less crazy after some girl time. Or the same amount of crazy, but at least in good company.

I need.... what? What would help me right now? Prayer? Tranquilizers? A therapist? I need the lady who I emailed on Tuesday to email me back. I need the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell to be 100 calories. I need chocolate. I need COFFEE! I ran out Tuesday and can't buy more til this weekend. Oh dear.


Marie said...

OK, take a breath.. you are not insane.. you are simply married.. long enough to realize that your life has changed.. take another breath.. that's better.. you need girl time.. and time to THINK it all through.. try making lists of what needs to be done and what you want to do, it'll help you focus.. and you are TOTALLY allowed to cry for no reason on your husband's shoulder. I can't tell you how many of Chris's shirts have mascara stains on the shoulder. Take another breath... better yet?? call if you want to.. I'm free!

Kriss said...

Crying is good for you!! It's alot to process going from single to married. They don't say the first year is the hardest for nothing. I will say though, "Girl go get some coffee!! Even if it's just a can of dollar store folgers!!" :) -kriss