Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Sweet, or Not To Sweet?

Okay. We have a customer who comes here once or twice a week. Every time that she comes she brings us something from Celebrity Bakery. I've been journaling my food and trying to not eat tons of extra calories, so I have been avoiding her tasty gifts. Until about 5 minutes ago, that is.

I just ate a 2 inch square piece of White Chocolate Toffee Cake from Celebrity Bakery and it was INSANE! I'm serious, this thing was so good, it must have been 1,000 calories! That's how you make food good, right? Dump calories in it?

You know what though? Those five bites made me SERIOUSLY full! I was hungry. Hungry enough that I was starting to worry about staying late because I didn't want to be starving when I got home. But I need to stay a bit late... today did not go as productively as planned! So I decided to sit down and have a small piece and it totally did the trick! Is it because I haven't been eating much in the sweets department lately? Or is it because it was so sweet that I drank half a bottle of water with it? I'm not sure.

But if I can eat a little something sweet and it will make me more full than a plate full of veggies, is it terrible to indulge once (or twice) a month?


Any thoughts?

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