Sunday, August 16, 2009

Delicious Dish - 5

Okay, I'm excited about this one! I started making this as a morning snack a few months ago. I have since discovered it in a Hungry Girl cookbook. Now that's funny. But I promise I mixed it myself before I saw it in her book!

Anyway. This is a sort of parfait, I guess you would call it. I LOVE yogurt! I don't buy flavored yogurt though. When it comes to yogurt, I like to buy vanilla and put my fruit of choice in it. That way I can control how much goes in it and it is always fresh and yummy!

Okay, so actually I am a bit of a yogurt snob. I'm not saying that there aren't other good yogurt options out there, but I have a favorite, and I pretty much never stray from it. Not only do I only buy vanilla, I also only buy Yoplait. Yoplait Vanilla Light, to be exact.

For a few years I would slice up a kiwi and toss it into my vanilla Yoplait. Kiwi and yogurt are two foods that nutritionists are constantly recommending you eat more of because they give your body all kinds of vitamins and goodness! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE kiwi! Mmm, mmm GOOD!

But post marriage, I have gone another route with my yogurt mixture. I wanted something to give it a little crunch and I discovered these little babies.

I have been a rice cake fan for years, but I always go for the caramel. Well one day I decided to try the apple cinnamon and it was greatness! So when I was looking for a low-cal cruncher for my yogurt, this was an obvious choice. But apple cinnamon rice cakes with kiwi felt like an odd combo. So instead, I tried it with strawberries.

TA DA!!!

This is SO delicious!

I empty a carton of Yoplait Vanilla Light into a bowl (or to go container, when I am taking it to work...) slice 5 strawberries into the yogurt, and crush a serving of apple cinnamon rice cakes on top. I mix it all together and indulge.

This is DELICIOUS! Sometimes I eat it at night when I am hunting for an ice cream fix. It is actually more calories than one of my WW ice cream bars, but it is a nice dose of vitamins, so it's an option!

Mmm... that sounds really good. I might just go make me a bowl RIGHT NOW!

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