Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fortunate Friday!

We had two bits of really great luck yesterday!

First let me say, cars hate me! I NEVER have good luck with car stuff. I get regular oil changes, I get my car serviced when it's time to, but in general, I'm a car idiot. No clue when it comes to anything vehicular.

So my car has been squeaking for quite some time. I thought that I needed work done on my brakes. I've been thinking this for a LONG time, but brakes are expensive and I had a wedding to pay for... you know how it goes.

But last week I got a coupon emailed to me for a $10 brake inspection and tire rotation. So I thought when I took my car in for an oil change, I would get an estimate on my brakes so Brett and I could start saving. Well guess what?!? The squeak wasn't my brakes at all! I just had a spring that needed lubricating! It cost $99 because they had to take some things apart, but I just could not believe my luck! I expected to need $1,000 work done and I paid $100, sat for an hour and half, and now my car is nice and quiet! It's like a motor miracle!

We also had some seriously good fortune with Brett's mom. She found out a couple of weeks ago that she has a collapsed vertebrate in her back. She was told that she would probably need surgery and yesterday she had an appointment with the back doctor. But guess what?!? No surgery! He gave her some injections and thinks that they will suffice for treatment. I sure hope that is the case! And picking her up went really smoothly (she is now sans car) even though we had no idea where we were going. So that's great!

I have indulged in some tastiness the last couple of days. I have been doing really well tracking my food and exercising, but my exercise has SERIOUSLY diminished over the last 2 weeks and unfortunately, the last two evenings, my cravings have won the battle in my mind. But I am SO thankful... the scale has not moved. And I think I have been sufficiently tex-mexed and ice creamed to keep me straight for a while. I made a new HG dessert this morning that I can't WAIT to try tonight, and I am making a new soup recipe tonight that I am hoping will be a nice hearty bowl of yumm!

I am at work, but I think that I will only be here for three or four hours today and then Brett and I are going to go hunting for a new book for me. We have very few groceries to buy this week since we went crazy shopping last week! Just need some produce and a few fillers, but hopefully we will be mostly taking it easy tonight/tomorrow afternoon.

I will let you know how the recipes turn out! Have a great weekend!

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Krista said...

Kimmy! I miss you!!!! We need to get together sometime! :)