Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well, I Tried

I did a LOT of cooking today! Well, it felt like a lot. I guess there wasn't THAT much to show for it, in the end.

I have been craving burgers. I've been talking about them for weeks! I had some turkey to use that I thought would be a good choice for the burgers. It was turkey, but it was not lean turkey. We have made turkey burgers once before and Brett didn't enjoy them very much, but I thought that tonight would be different since it was basically full fat turkey. But I was wrong. I even used a recipe from a Webber cook book! I diced onions and parsley and added granulated garlic and salt and pepper! But nope. They just sat there. If I didn't have pickles on my burger it wouldn't have tasted like anything. It's like the blandness of the burger totally neutralized the mustard. What the heck!

So the burgers were a bust.

To go along with them, I FINALLY made the butternut squash fries that I have been meaning to make for 3 weeks now. I had to eat a dozen or so before I decided that I didn't like them. They weren't terrible, but too sweet to eat like french fries. It just didn't work for me. And they took quite a bit of effort to make! So I won't be doing that again.

I also made our dinner for tomorrow night. It is a mexican casserole from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook that I have made once before. It was just good the first time. Not great. But tonight, I substituted Rotel for the tomatoes, so hopefully, it will have a little more pizzaz tomorrow. I would hate for dinner to be a flop 2 nights in a row. That would be embarrassing!

I worked a lot this weekend, but had some moments of rest as well. I hope that it is a good week. This is the tough part of our summer project. Have I mentioned the summer project we do at work? It can get a little crazy. We make football programs for 7 or 8 schools. It takes all summer, it's a lot of work, and there is ALWAYS confusion because we are dealing with volunteer parents. It's my favorite thing that I do at my job, but this time of year, I am always hoping the weeks will hurry by. We are trying to get all of the books ready for the press so that they can be printed in time for the first football games of the season. Madness, I tell you. MADNESS!

Hope your week starts well!


Jenina said...

Chad has THE BEST recipe for turkey burgers! We request them now instead of regular burgers.

Let me know if you want it!

- jenina

Kriss said...

When I make Turkey burgers I use 1/2 pound of turkey and 1/2 of ground sirloin in them. It cuts the fat but still has the taste of a burger! -kriss

Kriss said...

Ps. Thank you for sharing your first year of marriage. It mirrors mine in so many ways, especially learning to cook and learn a new way of life (although great it's still a new life and takes some adjusting too!) -kriss