Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Other Wii Fit

Wow. My legs aren't working. Brett and I bought EA Sports Active for the Wii. It's like Wii fit, but cheaper. There are tons of options for putting together custom workouts, but last night I decided to do day one of the 30 day challenge thinking that it would probably take me through most of the activities that the game offers. There are SO many, and though I am most interested in the aerobic/dancing activities, I thought I may as well explore what the game has to offer.

Well dang! I think that my first problem is that I told it that I wanted a medium workout. I should have started with light. It probably would have been the same activities with less reps. But Kim chose medium. haha.

So my day one activities included walking, running, squats, lunges, squats, in line skating, squats, boxing, bicep curls, some weird kind of rowing that is really just moving your arms while you do squats, and, let me see... I'm leaving something out... SQUATS!

Seriously, I thought I was going to fall down the stairs. It feels good to be sore, and I am looking forward to day 2 this evening, but it will be interesting!

Brett wasn't there when I did it last night. He was at guys night. That's probably good because we would have laughed so hard that I wouldn't have been able to work out! He should get a good laugh tonight though.

In other news, I made coffee for the first time today. I know. I'm grown up. I also made a new recipe last night that turned out really well! I made chicken cacciatore a few weeks ago from a recipe on the campbell's website that just said to use a jar of pasta sauce. It was nothing special. Well last night I used the Better Homes and Gardens recipe and you make the sauce yourself. It was really good! We didn't eat it last night (long story) but I think we will enjoy it tonight =-)

Back to work!


Marie said...

I love my Wii Fit, so I'm interested to hear about this new one. I cheesed out on my workout this morning, so I've got to do it tonight and definately in the morning, too. Yea! Kim! Good for you for working out.

Kriss said...

I just ordered the 30 Day Shred but I will make sure to use it before Riley gets home. The last time I bought a video workout DVD, it was boxing. He laughed so hard it gave him a headache. I am not coordinated and me boxing, was funny!