Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Don't Have Much To Say...

I just feel like saying that I am happy. I am sitting at work today, and just have a general feeling of contentment. How refreshing!

I'm so thankful for Brett's new position. I think he will be happier.

I'm thankful for times when God's hand in our life is obvious. It's always there, I know, but it's nice to feel it so strongly, moving us along.

Brett and I walked together last night. The moon was beautiful and the weather was unseasonably mild. It was wonderful. Tonight he will be at guy's night, so I will have some time by myself, and that will be nice after a busy day.

I'm just thankful. Too often in life, we see obligations and not opportunities. Responsibilities and not blessings. I'm thankful for everything that God has placed in my life right now. Even the struggles that, some days, I think will break me.

Hope your day is blessed as well!

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