Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 Day Challenge - Day 2

Well, I did day 2 of the 30 day challenge on our Wii Active yesterday. It was easier to do, but I still couldn't do all of the things right. Day one had a lot of squats. Day two was all about the lunge! Oh dear. I can't go as low as they want me to (if I do, I can't get up!) and by the time it took me through it a second time, I could barely stand. I looked more like a kid who had to go to the bathroom than a person doing a lunge. But I did my best.

I had MUCH better luck with the strap yesterday. I couldn't get the leg strap (that you put the controller into so it can monitor your leg movements) to stay in place the first day. I was afraid I was too big for it. Turns out I just didn't have it on high enough. There were no problems yesterday.

There was no in-line skating, which I was very grateful for. And instead of boxing, there was tennis. I thought that I would enjoy the tennis, but I was terrible! It was my worst activity! I did the swing exactly like it said to, but I missed all but 2 balls. Our living room is really small and I wonder if I have to move too close to the censor on that one and it is not reading me right. I know if it were a real ball I would have hit them all. Seriously!

I like it. I'm not very good at parts of it, but it feels like a good workout. I sweat like crazy! Again, today, my legs are sore so I look funny walking, but it feels good. I wish that I could feel it in my arms more. Maybe I will try to shorten the resistance band today so it will be harder to do the arm exercises.

I will let you know how tonight goes!

In other news, I miss Brett this week. He's doing a great job at work and learning a lot, but the sudden schedule change has shocked my system a little. I am used to seeing him more in the mornings, but he is going in later and working later, so he gets up when it's time for me to leave. I wish that today were Friday so we would be able to spend more time together tonight. But I am thankful that it is Thursday and I hope that we will make the most of this weekend.

God is in control and I know that He wants to direct our paths. I pray that we let him!

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