Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Apparently when they say "30 Day Challenge" they don't mean 30 consecutive days. The first thing the game told me when I loaded my profile today was to take a "rest day" after two days in a row of the workout so that my muscles can recover. Well I was already all dolled up in my workout clothes, so I decided to put the "rest day" into practice tomorrow. It's Friday after all. And it turned out to not be such a bad thing because day 3 was less intense.

Day 3 focused on upper body strengthening. I did a lot of curls and lifts and things like that. I will let you know if I can feel it tomorrow. Tonight, not that much. But I still did plenty of sweating, so that's good.

Halfway through my workout, the battery on my wireless thingy died, so I took it off and connected it to the controller with the wire that it comes with and after that it read me loud and clear. I hit every tennis ball today, thank you very much! It wasn't me missing yesterday! It was the batteries. I still did bad on the inline skating, but that exercise was before I realized that the batteries were dying. I may have done better if I were connected with the wire. Or I may really be that bad. Don't care. It's hard.

The other new activities today were side jumps, which I thought sounded daunting, but were not bad because you don't have to squat for too long, and dancing. Umm... it was weird. They don't change the music to match the rhythm of the moves, so it's a little confusing. And so far the moves are just kind of... well, it wasn't the thrilling experience I had imagined. But today was super simple because it was the intro. It may get better. We shall see.

So I guess that for the remainder of the 30 days I will have a couple of "rest days" during the week. Probably Tuesday (I am thinking of making this my dinner night with my mom because Brett will be occasioning guys night now and then) and Friday. Maybe for Tuesday I will find a longer route to take on my walk (I have just a short 14 or so minute walk that I am doing right now. It's really just the path around the complex. But you have to start somewhere, right?) and Friday can be an overall break. We like to step out on Friday nights. A night on the town, if you will. It's not a glamorous town, but we always manage to have fun =-)

It was a long week, full of lots of emotions, expected and unexpected. We have a lot of bills to pay this weekend, but we have some shopping to do also. It is necessary and fun shopping (the best kind, because you don't have to feel guilty about it if you genuinely need some new clothes!) I'm very tired, both mentally and physically, but, even in my tired state, the richness of the days are not lost on me.

Oh. And I will also be buying a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on paperback tomorrow, therefore restoring balance to the universe. It came out on paperback Tuesday, but I didn't have any money. I've been thinking about it all week, sitting on those store shelves when it should be on MY shelf. But all will be well this time tomorrow.

Off to bed! Hope your weekend starts well!

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