Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello Bandwagon, My Name Is Kim

This idea is new to me but apparently it's been sweeping the blogging world for several months now. I think I'm going to give it a try. If it really is filling, and tasty and will make my skin smooth, how can I resist? I'm going to make a Green Monster.

Not heard of it? Check it out here:

I don't have a single ingredient for it, but Brett is having trouble waking up from his Sunday nap so I may sneak off to the store a snag the ingredients. We were given a mid sized food processor today as a late wedding gift. I THINK it will hold all of the ingredients. (If not, that will be my excuse to buy a blender.) So now all that I need is: bananas, spinach, almond milk (I have some in my fridge, but I'm almost out) some type of pb and some type of protein powder. I've never bought the latter. And I will probably try mine with pineapple. But I've ready SO many testimonies and even have a friend or two who are hooked! Why not give it a try? Anything that will help me continue on this path of better food/activities choices is worth investigating. Well, ya know... anything legal.

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