Sunday, July 26, 2009

Food Journal

I have so much to say! But I will save my weekend wrap up for tomorrow because the weekend isn't over! Brett's mom is coming for dinner, so I need to clean, clean, clean! And then cook, cook, cook, and then we need to get Brett packed.

He is not excited about going. I think it will be a good week and he will grow into his position a bit more comfortably this week, but we will miss each other. We're newlyweds! A week apart is a long time!

Anyway, I wanted to sit for a few minutes before I get cleaning, so I thought I would give you a report on my first week of food journaling.

So far, so good.

As of this morning, I had lost a pound, but it won't be a complete week until tomorrow morning.

I started tracking my food hoping that it would make me more aware. I didn't have numbers in mind that I wouldn't allow myself to go over, but I had a number in mind that I knew was about the amount of calories that I wanted to be taking in. Not because I've been to a website and typed in my stats and found out exactly how many calories I need a day... it's just a guess. It's an approximation based on the amount of Weight Watcher points I know that I would be eating if I were following that plan right now. One WW points is approximately equal to 50 calories. So that's how I got my goal number.

Well turns out, that number is just about right. Monday and Tuesday I was a bit over it, but as the week progressed I got closer and closer. Knowing that I was going to write my food down and total it up at the end of the day really DID make me more aware. It's easy to eat a quarter's worth of Skittles when I tell myself it's only two points. But "2" sounds a lot more harmless than "120" or however many calories it may be. So this week I really did skip a lot of wasteful calories. That may or may not be why I lost a pound. But I am enjoying the journal, either way, and plan to stick with it for a while.

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