Monday, July 27, 2009

30 Day Challenge - Day 9 & 10

Okay, I am way behind on my blogging! What can I say... it was a busy weekend! I have 2 computer jobs to work on tonight, but I am going to procrastinate a bit and try to catch up on a few posts first.

I did day 9 last Thursday. It was tough! I upped the intensity level and I could really feel it. It gave me more reps and the new activity was just a variation on a previous activity that was modified to be MUCH harder! I had to squat and hold for 40 seconds. That is MUCH harder than it sounds! Especially after doing dozens of lunges!

Tonight felt good though. I just finished the 10th workout and when I turned it on it informed me that I was not going to make the 30 day mark. I had too many rest days! I didn't mean to. I enjoy the workouts for the most part... I just get caught up in busy weekends!

Tonight was fun though. Medium intensity felt good. I did great on my reverse lunges! And the tennis and volleyball were really fun. There were no crunches, no inline skating, and only one time of jogging. All good things =-)

Tomorrow I will start baseball. That should be interesting!

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