Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Sometimes when I say "it was a busy weekend" it just means that I ran a lot of errands. This weekend was busy because there was a LOT going on!

First of all, Friday was kind of crazy. Brett went out of town today, right? So we had a lot to do to get ready for his trip. We don't travel much. We borrowed suitcases for our honeymoon. And neither one of us has a big wardrobe. I do a lot of laundry because we wear our clothes frequently! Well, we thought that Brett was going to have a bonus on this paycheck so we were planning to buy him some things for the trip. A suitcase, more pants, and best of all, a PSP! So he would have something to do while he is in California missing me. Well Friday morning came, but the bonus did not. So we had to revise our plans.

Friday night we went to dinner at our FAV Mexican place, Pappasitos. I was nervous about overindulging after a week of eating well, but turns out I had nothing to worry about. I WANT to eat well! One chicken taco and some tasty, though slightly dry, rice. It was great!

Then we went to Fry's and Best Buy to check out their PSPs, but they didn't quite have what we were looking for. So we went to Toys R Us next to check out their selection. They didn't have the game stuff that we wanted either, but we got a gift for the baby shower for Brett's new boss that he will be attending while he is out of town this week. Then we headed to Target and finally found all the good stuff! We got a PSP and a couple of games on clearance. Then finally, we headed home!

When we got home we watched The Watchmen. Interesting flick! The violence was a bit too graphic for my taste, but it was really unique and the cast was eclectic and talented.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to work. I left work at 11:30 because I needed to run to Kohl's and get a gift for my sister's bachelorette party. Found something super cute and on sale, and then I headed to Lewisville for a wedding shower for my sweet friend Becky. I was there from 1 to almost 4. On the way home from the shower I stopped in Coppell at Sprouts. This was the fun find of my weekend! I've heard of Sprouts, the Farmers Market, before, but only recently learned of the one in Coppell and heard about a product that they carried that I wanted to check out. It is an "ice cream substitute" called Arctic Zero and Hungry Girl said that it is a good base for smoothies and the like. The big appeal is that the entire pint is only 128 calories, or something crazy like that. So I had to check it out! Well I found the ice cream, but came home with much more! They had Larabars for $1, so I bought 7! They also had my peanut butter that I was so excited to find at Kroger, but after I bought one jar, it disappeared, and that was months ago! Now I know where to find it! They also had... wait for it... TOFU SHIRATAKI NOODLES! I couldn't believe it! Sprouts is much closer than Whole Foods, and this means that with it just being a short trip away, there is no reason why I should ever have to go without these super duper noodles! I also got a spaghetti squash, a butternut squash, an eggplant and 5 Kiwis for $1! It was a great discovery.

I only went to the first part of Mel's bachelorette party, but it was great! We went to dinner at Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth. I had never actually driven to downtown Fort Worth before, but I did okay! Melanie looked AMAZING and got some great gifts! I'm really glad I was able to go. But when I got home, I was exhausted!!!

Sunday morning, Brett taught Sunday school at the class we've been visiting. The teacher is really cool. He knows that Brett used to teach our old class, and when Brett mentioned that he loved the story of Gideon, which is what we were studying this week, he offered to let Brett teach. It was a lot of fun!

The afternoon was spent finishing up laundry so that Brett could pack and cleaning up the apartment because Brett's mom came for dinner. I made the same lemon rosemary pork chops that I made for Father's Day and I tried a green bean and corn salad recipe that our WW leader emailed out a few weeks ago. The salad was beautiful, and we all sort of liked it, but none of us loved it. I didn't save the leftovers, and I probably won't make it again. But I'm glad I tried it.

This morning was complete madness for Brett at the airport. The story is so crazy, I don't think I have the energy to tell it. We had heavy rain, so that meant long delays, and the rain brought lots of confusion with it! But he is safely in California, and day one of his trip is over. He just called to tell me goodnight. I miss him already =-( I've never stayed at our apartment alone before. He moved in before I did. But I'm mostly not uncomfortable so far. I didn't eat enough during the day today (stressed about airport issues!) so I came home not feeling very well, but after a good dinner, a good workout, and a few calls from my baby, I am feeling better and I think that I will sleep well.

I hope that I use my time well this week. I didn't get anything done today. But tomorrow should be MUCH calmer! So we'll see how it goes.

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