Wednesday, July 22, 2009

30 Day Challenge - Day 8

I did day 8 on Monday night. Yesterday was my day of rest because I went to see a musical!

Day 8 was another workout that focused on strengthening the upper body. It had a lot of curls and lifts and presses. Still plenty of cardio – running, jumping, dancing (what they call dancing is really just pointing so far), and our favorite: inline skating.

I got frustrated because the censor wasn't picking me up on my side to side lunges again. By the time I finished the workout I was a little grumpy. But it said that day 9 would be a return to the basics with lots of squats, lunges and track.

I realized that I can increase the intensity of the workouts! I had forgotten that I have it set on light. I think that I will return it to medium tonight since we are going back to the basics. Maybe I will be a little sore tomorrow and feel a bit more accomplished =-)

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