Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Night and Day

I have so much in my head... so much that I would like to say, but I don't really know where (or when) to start. Our life has been so full of change this past year. Brett's new job, then the wedding, then Brett's new position... there are more changes to come. I fear change. I'm not brave. I'm just not. But I serve a mighty God and I have a husband who believes in me. I know that whatever path God leads me down, I will be okay. More than okay. Abundantly blessed! And honestly, day by day, little by little, I feel God preparing me for change.

Sigh. It was a bad day at work. My boss lashed out at me for something that was not my fault and it just really upset me. I don't like being talked to like I am insignificant, or a nuisance, or lazy... I work hard at my job. I want to do a good job. I really do. If I make a mistake (which I really don't feel was the case today) then it just means that I am WORKING! If you never make mistakes, then you're not working hard enough. Mistakes happen!

Anyway. It was a bad day. I worked until 6:30. The dinner that I had planned for tonight was going to take at least an hour and 45 minutes to prepare and cook. Brett and I were both pretty hungry so we decided to use our On The Border gift card and do a little window shopping instead.

We have a LOT going on this weekend! Well, I have a lot going on... Brett has plenty to do, but I have a few things going on that he does not have to attend. He is teaching Sunday school on Sunday morning and going out of town on Monday morning. We have several things to purchase before he will be ready to travel. Most importantly, a suitcase (that's what we were window shopping for. Kohl's had a lot of good options! Target, not really...). I have a wedding shower at 1:00 on Saturday and Mel's bachelorette party at 6:00 on Saturday. I also need to work. So here is our tentative plan for the weekend:

Friday night we are going to get as many things that we need for Brett's trip as possible. It would be AWESOME if we found it all! We also need to get a gift for a wedding shower, and gifts for 2 baby showers. The stores that I know we need to visit are Target, Babies R Us, Sears, GameStop, and then either Big Lots, Kohl's, or both. We may check Big Lots for luggage. Brett's mom just got a new suitcase there that she likes...

Saturday morning I will get up early and go to work. Boo! And then go straight to the wedding shower and then come home to get ready for the bachelorette party. Sunday morning Brett is teaching, and then we need to get him laundered and packed.

And at some point, we need to do a test drive to the airport. I fear driving in the airport above all else! I have never done it before, and I'm not looking forward to it. So we are going to practice.

The flip side of my bad day is that I have a wonderful husband who gives me good nights. I was so eager to see him after work. To feel his hugs and let him wipe my tears. We had a great chat at dinner (he had a GREAT day at work, so that was good to hear) and then we held hands as we strolled around a couple of stores. Where would I be without him? I guess I'll find out next week when he's gone for 5 days!

Thank you Lord, for always being present... for the times I feel you and the times I don't.


Marie said...

Sorry it was a bad day... And am so glad Brett is doing a great job at being your support.

As for change, it's just life.. I've learned not to fear it. Or maybe just a little, but like a roller coaster afraid, not like homicidal maniac is chasing me afraid. Hold on, put on your safety belt and know that God is driving this crazy ride of life.

As the wise Willy Wonka says "They all come out in the wash". :)

Love you! Will miss you for girls weekend.

Jennifer T. said...

We always get luggage at TJ Maxx or Ross. It's super cheap there.

Maybe we can have dinner one night next week while Brett's gone? I am free Monday or Tuesday.

Kriss said...

We bought a HUGE suitcase at army navy for $30. You might check there if your hoping for inexpensive.