Sunday, July 19, 2009

30 Day Challenge - Day 7

Good News/Bad News... I'm not sore after the workouts any more... At least, not really. I can sort of feel it walking down the stairs if I do so right after my workout. I'm glad that my muscles are getting stronger, but I'm not sure that my workout was effective if I'm not sore afterwards. That's silly, I know, but... yeah, well.

Day 7 was mostly running and lunges. The new activity was volleyball, and the tennis was more moves than the first time. I don't have very good aim. It's really funny. =-) Replacing the batteries was VERY helpful though! It read me on all of the lunges this time. At the end of every workout it gives me a heads up on what's coming next time. Apparently I will be dancing. Bust a move baby!

In other news, we had a nice weekend. We are on a tight budget this week so we mostly stayed home. Friday night we picked up Boston Market and brought it home and it was DELICIOUS! And then Brett finished Star Wars Force Unleashed. GREAT game!

Saturday we slept in and it was glorious! I sang in a wedding Saturday evening and it really shortened our day. I had to be there at 4 so I had to get ready at 2:30 so I could leave my apartment by 3:30. I wasn't really excited about singing. I was singing with a great friend of mine, Josh, so I wasn't super nervous, but to tell you the truth, the song didn't really suite either of our voices. We sang When God Made You. It's not out of my range necessarily, just out of my sweet spot. But it went well. And now it's done. That's the important part =-)

Today we ended up staying home instead of going to church. Brett didn't sleep well and I had cramps (TMI?), so we took it easy. This afternoon was the couple's shower for my sister. It was at her and my soon-to-be-brother-in-law's new house. It is SO nice! They are in the process of moving in so it was our first time to see the house. It is in Keller and it is just perfect for them! I am so thankful to know that they will be living in such a sweet house! And then tonight we grocery shopped. We did so good budgeting and preparing for this week. Kroger had a great ad! We even got to stock our pantry a little bit and we spent $15 less than we had budgeted! What a blessing! Our cup (okay, pantry) runneth over!

Speaking of this week, I start my food/activity journal tomorrow. I hope that I use it well. We'll see! I need to focus on making better choices at dinner. Nothing that we bought for dinners this week is necessarily health food, so I hope that I can control my portions well and eat mostly veggies. I'll let you know how it goes!

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