Saturday, July 18, 2009

Delicious Dish - 1

First an intro:

Okay so, the last two weeks have been interesting. I have introduced some activity into my life and it's been great! I want to be healthier, and I'm not going to lie, I want to be smaller. I'm HUGE! I hate seeing my reflection in the windows every morning when I walk into the building, and I need some of my old clothes to start fitting again so I will have more to wear. The walking and working out has felt really good the last two weeks, but I didn't go down on the scale this week. I maintained. I'm thankful for maintaining! But I can do better. Yesterday I bought a food/activity journal and I'm looking forward to tracking on my own, and not because someone told me to. I love to make lists and write things down, so I think it will be a good tool to keep me accountable and aware.

I've also started reading a few new blogs, one of which is a food blog that introduced a product to me that I am now thoroughly enjoying as my mid morning snack and it made me think about sharing some of my delicious finds on my blog! I am hoping that this will be a weekly post (I'll keep posting until I run out of tastiness to share!). Some posts will be recipes and some will just be products that I enjoy. I will be starting with my new mid-morning snack.

I eat breakfast around 7:00 every day, and I usually eat some fruit around 10:00. This week I bought some Larabars because Angie mentioned them on her blog a few times and I was interested. It is more calories than my bag of cherries, but they are super filling and really delicious! Now I save my cherries for the afternoon, and it helps hold me over til dinner.

Here are the flavors I have tried and loved:

and here are the flavors I can't wait to try:

My favorite so far have been the peanut butter cookie and apple pie. The chocolate coconut didn't really taste like chocolate or coconut, but actually made me think of raspberry. It wasn't what I expected, but I still enjoyed it. I hope that you try a few and enjoy them yourself! They were $1.49 a piece at Kroger, which is a big cost increase to the weekly grocery budget, but I am going to keep an eye on them and try to stock up when they go on sale. And if it saves me from mindless snacking, then I will save both money and calories!


Kriss said...

Kim, you might check Sams or Walmart because I get Lara Bars in bulk (opposed to per bar) for $1.12a bar. Also Target sells them by the box as well as individual. -kriss

Krista said...

I bought some lara bars today....the one i had was tasty! i bought them because you recommended them and i'm glad you did! :)