Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Exciting Discoveries

Oh dear! This is quite a find. I have always been a fan of caramel flavored Quaker Rice Snacks. So much so that I have never ventured into another flavor. Well goodness gracious! I just tried apple cinnamon and it was DELICIOUS! Bags of minis are on sale at Kroger for $1 so I grabbed one to use this week to add a little crunch to my yogurt. I bought apple cinnamon to add one more fruit flavor to the mix. (When I eat yogurt, I buy Yoplait Light Vanilla and add fresh fruit to it.) It added more than a little crunch! It added a whole new level of tasty goodness! Give them a try! I believe it is 70 calories for 8 pieces. Not a very filling snack on their own, but throw 6 on top of your yogurt and for one point you've seriously upped the yumm factor!

What was my other discovery? I can't remember now. I got too excited about the yogurt...

OH! I just saw a trailer for Toy Story 3!!! I LOVE the Toy Story films. I can't wait to see another! But it doesn't come out for another year. Hmm... well, I will eagerly await more extended trailers. Woohoo!

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