Monday, June 1, 2009

I Heart Harry

I needed something to read this weekend. Brett has me reading a story line in some of his graphic novels, but he wasn't home to tell me which one to start next and I needed a book. I have been itching to read a little Harry Potter lately because I downloaded two of the movies into my iTunes to listen to in the background while I am working. I am familiar enough with the stories that they are sometimes less distracting than listening to music and they make the time move faster. But watching the movies always make me want to read the books.

It was my HP tradition to read through the books when the next in the series was about to be released, which means I haven't read through them from the beginning since the release of Deathly Hallows. But, though I love it, I was worried that I would get bored if I started in book one this time because I am probably most familiar with that story. But it is short so I grabbed it off the shelf.

BORED? That's crazy talk! The first book is SO good! What a wonderful story! And I am completely obsessed with the Weasley's, so getting to meet them and slowly know them is an experience that I treasure every time. I started it Saturday and finished yesterday. Brett wasn't thrilled when I started on book 2 (he wants me to go back to his comics) but I can't help it. I haven't quenched my thirst yet. And if I am going to read the first two, I HAVE to read book 3. It's my favorite!

I learned today that book 7 comes out on paperback in July, so maybe I can read the first 6 this month and finish it off with a read through of the paperback of book 7! I have looked forward to revisiting the series since I completed it because I am sure that I will notice details that I didn't realize were significant before I read the final installment. I'm considering skipping 5 - it takes a LOT out of me to read about Umbridge. She is a monster - but we'll see.

The next movie will be in theaters in 45 days. WOOHOO!!!

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Kriss said...

Do you know I have never seen a Harry Potter movie or read the book? I laughed when you said Brett wanted you to read comics. Sounds like Riley. We have box after box of comics here. When Riley and I first got married he tried to get me to watch the entire (well what was available at the time because some of the new one's weren't even in theaters yet) Star Wars movies. I would make it through 15-20 mins and then fall asleep. He finally gave up on me. I just am not into those kid of movies. So he is thrilled that Britney will sit and watch them with him. LOL