Friday, May 29, 2009

Slow Going?

"Slow Going?" is another random movie quote that pops into my head on a regular basis. We are slow at work right now so I keep thinking "Slow Going?". A line from my all-time favorite movie, The Princess Bride. (Gold Star to anyone who can tell me the character who speaks the line and who it is said to.)

It is no fun when we are slow at work, but it is occasionally helpful. This week it was helpful when it allowed me to design, have printed and cut down invitations to Melanie's bridal shower. Today it was helpful when I searched for recipes. I explored the Campbell's website and, though it does not have the quantity of recipes that the BH&G website has, I was pleased with what I found. I have 3 dinners figured out for next week that I will need to purchase minimal ingredients for, and most of the ingredients should be inexpensive. I think that we will be able to piece together a few more meals from what we have at home. Brett will have to eat cheap lunches next week though! But we will definitely be okay.

Thanks to Kriss who sent me some suggestions. We LOVE Zatarain's jambalaya with smoked sausage! We used to buy Eckrich, but not we buy Butterball turkey sausage and it is every bit as good!

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Jennifer T. said...

Another idea for saving money- you could pack Brett's lunch for him or have him pack it. This saves us at least $50 per week when we pack our own lunches.