Friday, May 29, 2009

Madilyn's Graduation Part 2

Graduation last night was really great! This school is so amazing. She goes to the Sloan School in Irving, a private Christian school that goes up to grade 5. The couple who owns the school spoke at the beginning of the ceremony and then Madi's teacher led them through a production that they have obviously been rehearsing for weeks. We saw them do math, reading, spelling, Bible verses... it was so neat! Madi looked precious and said all of her lines perfectly. And in the end when they were given a diploma, card and gift from the teacher, the owners gave each student a Bible. It was really neat.

There was a little red headed girl with blue eyes who led to me chasing all sorts of rabbits. I repeat - we are not ready for children. But I sure hope that someday we will be. I want to be a mommy. And I want to say "Daddy's home!" when Brett comes through the door every evening. Sigh. I said it once a few weeks ago. I thought it sounded nice. He was less sure. ha!

It was also really good to see my family. I carpooled with my mom and it was really nice to catch up with her. And we officially invited everyone over for Father's Day, so that's exciting! It will be our first time to have the family over all at once. I'm excited!

I'm thankful that it is Friday and I am thankful that we had a 4 day week. Money will be tight next week! Rent is unfortunately not the only bill we pay the first week of the month. In fact, our two biggest bills are due at the same time, along with two smaller bills. So I am trying to think of some creative cheap dinners for the week. Well... cheap. Creative would be nice, but cheap is a must!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am going to clean the apartment and FINALLY finish unpacking. That's the plan anyway.

Oh! And I am making Mexican pot roast for dinner. I went home at lunch and filled the crock pot and plugged it in. I hope it's good! It's insanely easy, so if it's not good... well, I'll be a little embarrassed.

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Kriss said...

Cheap dinners....
Refried Beans and Cheese Burritos, Box of Zataran Rice and Echrich Sausage cut up into it, Breakfast for dinner, Pulled porked crockpot dinner (see my blog for recipe) and serve on buns or with veggies. Walmart has $5.00 bags of frozen shrimp. Thaw, saute in a pan with a little olive oil, toss with lemon, salt and herbs. Serve over noodles or veggies. Hope this helps!!