Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Movies

I love the Summer movie season! This year, for us, it started with Star Trek. I really enjoyed it! Last night we saw Transformers. Again, I enjoyed it. I don't think that I liked it more than the first one, but I did enjoy it. (I tend to prefers originals over sequels because I enjoy being introduced to the characters and getting to know them.)

I would have changed a few things. (I will issue a possible spoiler alert here. I am going to mention a couple of actors who are in the movie so if you haven't looked into that and don't want to know, skip the rest of the paragraph.) I'm always uncomfortable when I am watching a movie that I know younger children will see and it has a lot of profanity or inappropriate subject matter. This movie definitely had a bit too much of each. But other than that, I enjoyed it. It was like the first movie, but more of everything. More characters, more fight scenes, more chase scenes, more dramatic slow motion. It was good. I could do without the roommate and the "other girl" at school, but I loved the Rainn Wilson cameo and I am glad John Turturro was in it again.

So I enjoyed Transformers, but my big movie for this summer is without a doubt Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. My count down says 21 days to go, and I am thrilled! I am officially not going to a midnight showing, Brett is not up for it on a Tuesday night and it would hurt his feelings if I went without him, but I am very eager! I have recently discovered that it is my favorite of the books. Up until this point, the third book has been the one that I most enjoy reading. But this time through (I always read the books before a film or book release) I have taken the most joy from book 6. I will be finishing it up this weekend, and it is SO good!

Okay, lunch is over. Back to work.

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Marie said...

Hmmm, I'll go with you to the midnight showing! I just can't get to Dallas then. If wishing made it so, ya know?

I plan on re-reading #6 over the 4th of July weekend. Can't wait!