Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Much To Say!

I hate when I don't blog because I am busy, because by the time I have time to blog, I have SO much to say!

This weekend was pretty much all shower all the time. It was great! Well actually, Friday night we went to see Transformers at the IMAX. I liked it even more the second time. The things that shocked me the first time, weren't as big a deal the second time. I'd still say it is a strong PG-13 though. Too much language for kiddos.

But the best part is who we saw there! While we were in the giant line waiting to be let in, Brett looked behind us and saw Jenn and Rich! Jenn was one of my bridesmaids. She was one of my best friends in college and someone who I wish that I saw more often now. But we love them and it was so great to visit with them! When they seated us at the theater, there was still 30 minutes or so until the movie started so we had a good chat!

Saturday was very busy! I had a lot of shopping to do for the shower and some prep work as well. I got a lot done but we were tired! Then Saturday night was Madi's dance recital. She could not be cuter! I love that she likes her dance classes and I hope that she wants to continue with them.

Sunday we visited First Baptist again and it was really great. Sitting in the sermon, it was the first time that I felt like "I want to be a part of this family". We are still deciding, but if that is where God wants us, I will be very happy!

The shower was at 4 so we got there at 3 to set up. JDs family is really great. Melanie looked beautiful and I thought she handled herself very well even though it is incredibly uncomfortable to be the center of attention at a shower. She got great gifts too! Woohoo!

The weekend had another buzz of excitement running through it though. That is another story and I should probably wait until tomorrow to tell it, but I will blog for sure! (I'm not pregnant, so don't get any ideas Jenina =-)

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