Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I don't know why I feel so tired this week! I can't stop yawning. I guess it's from the busy weekend. But I didn't sleep as well as I could have last night. Brett and I were very chatty. It was nice. But we also switched sides of the bed. He has had trouble sleeping the last month or so because he is so hot. (Yeah he is! ;-) I told him we should switch sides because I was sleeping closer to the vent, but we were sleeping in those positions to try and keep my shoulder from hurting. I have a bad shoulder. So he wouldn't switch. He just said he would play around with the vents when he has time.

Well yesterday morning he was in the bathroom when the alarm went off (which is on his side). So I rolled over and turned it off, but didn't get up. So when he came back from the bathroom he laid down in my usual spot and immediately said "Wow. This side is cooler." So last night we switched. It was a little disorienting. In a couple of weeks, I will have created a "spot" but right now I feel like I'm on a hill. That side of the mattress isn't as worn. I kept thinking if I didn't hold on to the side of the bed, I would roll over!

Anyway, my point is, goodness! I'm tired!

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