Monday, June 22, 2009

What A Weekend!

Man! We had a very full weekend! Full of activity and full of blessings! Saturday felt like one weekend, and Sunday felt like another. Crazy!

I have already said how thankful I am that things went well with Brett's car on Saturday. It is nice to have a Monday morning where Brett can make plans to leave the office for lunch and not worry about being ticketed. And I mentioned that my family was coming over yesterday for Father's Day...

I was nervous! I wanted to have the family over to see the apartment. We always seem to do that... whenever one of my sisters or I move, after we settle in, we have the family over for a meal. Father's Day seemed liked the perfect opportunity, so I invited everyone over, but as the day got closer, I grew nervous! I was nervous about what I was cooking and nervous that people would be bored... well that's just crazy talk! It's never boring when the Holland girls get together.

I made the desserts (brownies and banana pudding) Saturday night so I wouldn't have to worry about them on Sunday. We slept in Sunday because we needed some rest, and then I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! Brett made his famous grilled macaroni, which is delicious, but takes HOURS to make, so he was working on that while I was cleaning up. And then suddenly it was 4:00. I jumped in the shower and then got ready to cook! I was racing the clock, or so I thought. I was expecting the family to come at 6, but somehow, most of them thought I had told them to come at 6:30. So we were done with time to spare. Brett and I got to visit with Laura while we waited for everyone else, and then it was two hours of food and fun! Madilyn played with Chris's daughter Ragan the whole time and they had a blast! Neither one would try the pork chops, but they loved the roles and banana pudding.

My sisters and I discussed Mel's upcoming shower and tried to finalize plans... I don't feel as prepared as I would like to be at this point (it's this Sunday) but a couple of emails this afternoon and it will be all taken care of.

So I had a great time seeing my family. Everyone fit into the apartment just fine, dinner was great, and it was a nice celebration.

Brett and I finished the good guy side of Lego Batman when everyone left. It was a great night! I feel good about starting a new week =-)

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