Friday, June 12, 2009

Date Night!

Brett and I have a date tonight – with my niece Madilyn! I'm so excited!

I am picking her up from school after work and she and I will eat dinner somewhere and then hang out at the apartment until Brett gets off. Then the three of us will head to Grapevine Mills to see Up. Woohoo!

I hope that the movie is good. I have heard that it has some sad parts but that it handles them well, and Madi loves all of the Pixar movies, and Nemo deals with the death of a parent also. That was a long sentence.

I went to buy movie tickets at lunch because the show starts at 7:35 and Brett won't get home until 7:00. I love looking at movie posters while I stand in line for a movie. I want to see My Life in Ruins. I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Nia Vardalos (whose name I just CORRECTLY guessed how to spell... I double checked on IMDB, thank you!) seems really sweet and genuine. I want to support her and I believe that the movie will be relatable for any woman who has ever felt out of place, ya know? Maybe I will go see that one day next week when Brett is working late. Jennifer, wanna come??? It's summer! Oh... you are still in school though. I forgot. Hmm... let me know if you need a study break!

This week, mercifully, moved much quicker than the past few have. We have officially begun our summer project at work, so I have plenty to do. In fact, I think I could work tomorrow if I wanted to. Brett and I are running errands all day, so I don't really have time, but soon it will be overtime city! It will be tiring in the end, but right now, we could REALLY use the money, and I am happy to be working again.

Okay, that's enough of that. Come on clock, keep on moving! I'm ready to see Madi!