Monday, June 15, 2009


Well Friday night was really fun. I picked up Madi from school and she was a BLAST! We picked up dinner and took it to my apartment to eat. I'm not sure why, but Madi loves our apartment! We ate together and then she jumped on the bed while I tried to make it. It was really fun. We did a lot of singing. Random! And they were all show tunes. She is SUCH a Holland!

Then she and I picked up dinner for Brett (for him to eat in the car on the way to the movie) and then we picked up Brett and headed to Grapevine Mills.

I really liked the movie. It was hilarious and beautiful! The balloons! They really were gorgeous! BUT... it was quite a tear jerker. Way more than any of the other Pixar films. Finding Nemo and The Incredibles have been known to make me cry, but this was really tough. It was too much for Brett. He couldn't enjoy the funny parts because the sad parts were too sad. But Madi and I discussed our favorite funny parts on the way home and again the next day when we saw her briefly. So I give Up two thumbs up! But consider yourself warned. Take some kleenex!

Saturday was full of errands. Actually, Sunday had a few errands in it too. It was a fairly full weekend, but productive and not without some down time. Yesterday we accidentally took an almost three hour nap! I love a good nap, but when I nap too long I have trouble sleeping at night. Well apparently, we were tired enough yesterday for a nap and a good nights sleep!

My throat hurts today. It started yesterday and I was hoping it would be gone today but it is actually worse. Nothing killer... mostly just when I swallow... but I am going to pick up some Tylenol sore throat today to be on the safe side.

Last week was an improvement over the couple of weeks prior (in most ways). I hope that I can say the same this week!

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