Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Star Trek and Love

Somehow they go together. I have a Star Trek story about Brett, but it is from when we first started dating, and, honestly, I don't remember all of the details anymore. I'm not great with long term memory. (Happy Jenina? I totally admitted it!) And there are details that I never knew to begin with. I had to block out some of Brett's words to keep from laughing.

I've told him this before, so I don't feel bad mentioning it here. We had not been dating very long, and we were both fascinated by the depth of our love for each other. We loved each other and we loved that were in love! So we pondered on it sometimes...

One night, we were at Brett's apartment sitting on his couch and he said something about how our love was like the Star Trek Voyager. I completely lost it. Only on the inside though. He was being totally serious, and I'm sure that whatever he was saying was super sweet, so I didn't want to make him feel silly. But as soon as the words were out of his mouth, I wanted to DIE laughing! I LOVE that my man is nerdy. I am nerdy. I love Harry Potter and Twilight and HGTV... I'm a full fledged nerd. I wear ponytails. A lot. Is it cute? No. It's practical. And I'm a nerd, so it's allowed. But that night, I was fighting the laughter so hard, I didn't hear much that he said.

I'm telling this story because last night, guess what we were watching? Star Trek! Man! I am totally digging that show! I had watched parts of a few episodes before. It's kind of unavoidable when you grown up with only UPN and Fox to keep you company at night. I wasn't allowed to watch Married With Children, so sometimes I would watch a few minutes of Star Trek. Now that I am adult, I realize, there is nothing wrong with Star Trek. It's not nerdy, it's an American Icon! Brett digs it, and we have been recording it recently. In the episode that we watched last night, Wesley Crusher fell in love for the first time. It was really sweet. And at the end of the episode, Whoopi (sorry, I don't know that characters name) told him that he would never feel the same way about someone again, because love is different every time you experience it. 

What a simple truth. I started to reflect on what I would consider to be the "loves" of my life. The faces that enter in my mind when romantic references are flying... The guy in junior high who I was friends with but secretly held much stronger feelings for. The guy in high school who was completely wrong for me, but who made me laugh and was always there at at time when the last thing you want is to be alone. The guy in college who I knew was all wrong, but I couldn't stay away from. The guy in college who I wanted to be the right one, but who fell in love with my roommate. The one in my twenties who is, to this day, one of the greatest guys I know. And then Brett. THE one. The one that God made for me. The one that fits me so completely and so perfectly, I can't help but laugh because my joy is overflowing. My other lego. My BFF. Our love is like the Star Trek Voyager. Somehow.

See, Star Trek. It's good for all kinds of things.


Jennifer T. said...

You know what I love? I love the fact that I know who every one of those boys are. And I also love that I remember the night you came home and told me about the Star Trek convo.

Sidenote- HGTV, Harry Potter, and Twilight do NOT make a person nerdy! I should know, because I love all of those things and I'm TOTALLY not a nerd. ;-)

Kim said...

I was thinking the same thing! I am SO thankful that you are a part of my life. Not just A part, but such a SPECIAL part! I love you!

Kelly said...

I love you and I love the fact that you are so in love with Brett. You two are so perfect for each other. Your post also makes me want to be as close as we used to be. We're going to have to work on that. Love ya!