Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our First Marital Issue

I knew this would be a problem. I think that we will find a solution, but so far the only thing hurting us, causing any kind of problem in our marriage, is my alarm clock.

Brett hears it, and I don't.

When I say Brett hears it, I mean he is startled awake, sometimes with a jump and a holler. And when I say I don't hear it, I mean that I hear it, but it only registers enough for me to reach up and hit it, not enough to wake me up. Not good.

We've tried a few different things. On Monday, I wanted to get up early so I could make cupcakes to bring to work. It was my first day back from the honeymoon, so I just wanted to do something nice. I also wanted to use my groovy cupcake carrier that I got as a wedding gift =-)

I set my alarm so that I could hit snooze once. It went off at 6, I hit snooze, and when it went off again at 6:10 I got up. It didn't seem like a big deal that day. It woke Brett up, but he fell back asleep almost instantly. I did the same thing on Tuesday, but I didn't need to get up as early. At 6:10 when it went off a second time, it scared Brett to death! And then I turned it off and stayed in bed for another thirty minutes or so and he had trouble falling back asleep. That was the day that I learned that, the alarm going off is bad enough on poor Brett! So no snoozing. Yesterday, I set the alarm for 6:30 intending to get up when the alarm went off, no snoozing. I turned the volume down hoping the alarm would be quieter. It wasn't. I also didn't get up at 6:30 and Brett had trouble falling back asleep. Today I used my cell phone alarm instead of my alarm clock because it is much quieter. It still woke him up. I turned it off. No snoozing. But I stayed in bed and Brett couldn't get back to sleep.

SOOO, I think that the key to Brett having a more peaceful morning is for me to get up when my alarm goes off. Get out of bed, so he can fall back asleep peacefully. He is too captivated by my beauty to fall back asleep with me next to him. Either that or my morning breath keeps him up. Eww!

I want him to have good mornings =-( I'm just not good with alarms. I never have been. And I married a really light sleeper.

That's my story.


Jennifer T. said...

Alarms can be a problem, but eventually he will get used to it. I mean, he's going to be woken up regardless of whether you hit snooze or not, stay in bed or not, whatever. There are tons of little things like this that each of you will just have to adjust to. Unfortunately, you can't just not set an alarm.

Kim said...

I know! Why can't I be one of those people who just wakes up? My mom NEVER has trouble getting up. I'm like her in so many ways... wish I had that characteristic too...

Kriss said...

My husband and I have been married 11 years and he NEVER gets up with his alarm. He wonders why I am so grumpy in the mornings and it's because he wakes me up so many times. First when the alarm goes off, again when he hits snooze, again when he decides to get up, when he turns on the bathroom light and then again when he leaves to kiss me goodbye. My advice would be set your alarm for the real time you want to get up and then really get up!! Also he will get used to it! :) There is hope! -kriss

Marie said...

Ya know, Chris and i have the same problem. As the light sleeper, I volunteered to keep the alarm on my side of the bed so I'd wake up, then I roll over and wake him up. In return, he has to respond with words so I know he's awake. I turn off the alarm after 2 snoozes and he's SOL if he doesn't get up by then. It's a sacrifice for both of us, but it solved the problem of me being angry because I woke up and was forced tostay awake through all six snoozes. And he has to get up to respect me having the alarm on my side of the bed.