Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's been difficult this week to get back to making good food choices. We ate whatever we wanted to on the honeymoon. Not overly large amounts, just tasty goodness. I always have trouble going back to english muffins and fruit when I have been carefree for a little while.

I get the Hungry Girl newsletter everyday. At the bottom there is a little blurb that says "Today is National ____ Day". Like national banana day, or national blue cheese day, or national pineapple upside down cake. Just random trivia.

Today is National Eat Everything In Sight Day.

That's just great. That's Hungry Girl. Thanks.


Jennifer T. said...

In her defense, it did say "April Fool's!" underneath it. :)

Kim said...

haha... I didn't read that far. She lost me!

Love you!