Sunday, April 5, 2009

Once Again...

So much to say, and now that I finally have time to sit and blog, my thoughts are totally scattered.

Married life is so bizarre. It's going well so far, I really don't have anything to complain about, but my reality has shifted so completely... it's hard to wrap my mind around.

Sometimes I feel really relaxed, and sometimes I feel really busy. Brett comes home and collapses. At the end of the day, he doesn't want to clean up, he doesn't want to do activities (activities? like what, quilting? I don't know, that's the word that came out)... he just wants to be mellow. Play a video game, watch a show... which is totally okay! In fact, that's probably what normal people do! And it's good for me. When Brett comes home, I can relax with him. Mellow out and just be. And I feel so safe in his arms. Like Bella in Edward's iron grip. I am completely safe with Brett. Able to let my guard down and be myself and be loved. He loves me so thoroughly. So honestly. And I am so thankful that I will spend the rest of my life trying to love him better and better.

And then there's the flip side. I am busy. I can't get away from it. I'm just a busy person. 

Work was no where near as busy as I expected it to be this week. Turns out, they were all being a bit melodramatic about being swamped while I was gone. Either that, or I do WAY more than anyone wants to admit. Or a mixture of both. We are steady, but not crazy busy. Soon we will be really busy. But for now... work is okay. 

But I am MOVING! I still don't have all of my things at the new place, and the things that I brought over last weekend? Um, I'm still unpacking. And it wasn't even that much that I brought over. I filled my car a couple of times, brought over the essentials I guess. But Friday night was the first time that I did a good bit of unpacking. I think that I have all of the wedding presents put somewhere now. And I unpacked everything that was easy for me to unpack of my things. And I am hoping to do the rest today.

Yesterday was exhausting! I can't remember if I have mentioned this here yet, but Brett's mom had her apartment broken into a week before the wedding. It was the second time in a year that she had a break in and this time she decided to move. We were very fortunate and she found a new place immediately. She packed for a couple of weeks and yesterday we moved her. MAN! It was a tough move. She has a lot of things. She's lived in that apartment for several years, and she's LIVED for a long time, so she just has a LOT of things! She had done a lot of packing, but there was a lot left to pack. We are SO blessed to have friends who are willing to give up a Saturday to help us help her. Without Jared, Jonathan and Yvonne, we would still be moving right now. We would still be moving next WEEK!

Today we are resting. Sort of. The biggest challenge we are having so far is sleeping. We are both used to sleeping in our own bed, spread out and comfortable, and now we are sharing a bed. AND, as if that weren't a significant enough sleep obstacle, you know, we're newlyweds... so tired or not, sleep isn't the first thing that we think of when we get in bed. So we are really sleepy. On Friday Brett said that he really needed to rest today and that sounded good to me. We slept in, then he made us brunch, then we watched an episode of Inside the Actors Studio that he saved for me because it was one of my FAVE actresses! Drew Barrymore. And then he played a little Halo while I did dishes. Now he is back in bed and I am blogging while I try to figure out the best way to get a lot of things done today. We need to go to the grocery store, but I really want to finish unpacking today. So I guess I am going to go sort through what is stacked on and around the dining room table. I have some computer work to do, but I will put that off as long as I can!

Okay, I'm off.

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