Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nerding Out =-)

Okay, this blog won't appeal to everyone, but I make no apologies. I've already confessed, I'm a nerd. I have a Harry Potter thought to share.

Last week when we had two days of bindery to do and nothing good was on Hulu, I bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on iTunes, and it has been quiet enough today that I decided to listen to it in the background while I work. I usually only do that when I am here on Saturdays, but I was bored to tears! The only job I have left to work on, I'm sort of ignoring, because it would only bring on more tears... of frustration!

So anyway, there is something that happens in this movie that I was always surprised JK Rowling didn't expand on more. Hagrid is a favorite character (top three at least) of many an HP fan. One of the first things that we learn about Hagrid in book one is that he isn't allowed to do magic. We later learn it is because he was expelled from Hogwarts when he was a student there so he never took the tests to allow him to practice magic legally. In Chamber of Secrets we learn that the reason that Hagrid was expelled is because Voldemort falsely accused him of something while they were classmates there. What? Hagrid went to school with Voldemort? That is a very interesting detail that is not brought up a single time in any other Harry Potter book. All of the facts we learn about Voldemort as a student, we learn from Dumbledore. I'm sure that Hagrid would have an interesting perspective on old Voldy. AND, Hagrid never expresses anger towards Voldemort for the whole thing despite that fact that not being allowed to practice magic is a huge hindrance on his life. I mean, I know that his overwhelming emotion where Voldemort is concerned is fear. That's true for most wizards. But Hagrid has a bit of a temper, ya know.

I just think it's strange that she wrote that story line and then never expanded on it.

That's it. Carry on.

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