Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Day =-)

I'm so glad it is Friday! We are slow at work so far today. I would love to have something to fold! I'm not really in the mood to staple though. Actually, I just want the day to pass quickly and peacefully! I would be okay with whatever that looked like.

It's been a good week. I wrapped up one of the logos that I was working on last night, and I am getting close on another. It turned out not to be a problem at all to work on so many at once because three of the ladies are busy and don't get back to me very quickly. I am going to start another one next week that sounds challenging! I hope that we come up with a logo that she likes. I'm also happy because I made enough money in the last couple of weeks to buy some Pantone books to keep at home. That will be a huge help and I'll feel really legitimate having my own Pantone books at home =-)

Brett got a bonus today and we are trying to decide the best way to use it. We have a small wish list, but none of the items are inexpensive. Of course. The most expensive item is a king size mattress set. We think we would sleep a little better if we had more room. We slept so well in the giant bed on our honeymoon... And Big Lots is having a sale starting tomorrow! We could actually afford the king size set right now, but it would take all of our extra money. The other things on our list are mostly not time sensitive. The only thing that we really need to buy this weekend, if we are going to buy it, is tickets to Rent. It is playing at Fair Park on my birthday and Brett said months ago that he wanted to take me to see it! If we don't buy them this weekend, first of all there probably won't be any good seats left, but also, we won't really have the money for it. I want to make the biggest credit card payment possible next week, so that means that I need to spend our money very carefully this weekend.

I don't really have anything exciting to report. We are doing very well =-) Still just enjoying being together. I miss a few things. I miss my family, and I miss Jennifer and Jenina. They are the only two friends that I hang out with semi-regularly and we haven't seen each other since the wedding =-( Well, Jenina picked us up from the airport after the honeymoon, but I haven't seen her since then. And I've only seen my family a couple of times. My sisters and I want us to pick a set time for us to get together regularly. We need each other!

Tonight I am going to write the thank you cards that we haven't sent yet so we can mail them tomorrow. I am going to do that while we watch The Wedding Singer. I love that movie! It's my favorite Adam Sandler movie. He and Drew have such good chemistry on screen. Very natural. And HOPEFULLY tomorrow I will get an oil change and HOPEFULLY Sunday I will clean the bathrooms, vacuum the apartment and mop the kitchen. I think I need to clean out the oven too, but I've never done that. Do I buy special cleaner for it?

It's 10:30... 6 and a half hours to go til weekend freedom =-)

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