Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good News =-)

I slept last night. I mean really slept. I don't know if Brett tossed less or if I was just tired enough to sleep through it. But I had a solid 7 hours or so. The alarm actually came as a surprise today. I'm usually peeking at the clock for the hour leading up to the alarm. Today  I stayed in bed for five minutes after it went off!

And I had a dream! A weird dream, but an actual dream that I remember. It's been a LONG time since I've remembered a dream. It was really bizarre, and it had two parts. I think that the first part we were celebrating my birthday. Friends were meeting us at a chicken place. Like fast food chicken. But it wasn't like a drive-thru/walk-up Church's chicken place (my favorite) it was more like a Subway. And a guy came in who was going to rob the place. I think. He had a mask on, so I know he was up to something. "People in masks cannot be trusted." We all noticed him, but we didn't know what to do, so we sat and kept eating while he waited in line with his mask on to get to the front counter. The only people I remember being there were Jenn, Jage, Krista, Laure, Jennifer and Lucas, and Jenina, Chad and Aubrie. We were still waiting for people to show up.

Then I was on some kind of ship, I'm not sure if it was a nautical ship or a space craft, that was about to take off, either to sea or into orbit, and it was sort of a city. People had bought spaces on this craft to go be part of a new world. I was trying to think of a job that I could do. I thought that I would become a maid. (That made me want to go see Happy Cleaning. The trailer looked good and I heart Amy Adams!) There was a college there, and I ran into Jeff Moss and his college roommate, so I was glad to see him there. And then I passed my family at a restaurant, but it was just my mom, dad, Madi and Jenna. Laura and Melanie had decided not to come and that made us all very sad.

Weird dream. But at least it was a dream! I wish I could go back to sleep right now and have another one...

It feels like it should be Friday. I'm tired enough to feel like I've already worked four days this week instead of three.

Okay, I'm going to try to make myself work now. Blah.

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