Monday, March 9, 2009

Curse This Time Change

Seriously, I feel like its only been three months since the last time change. This one is such a stinker!

Time for a weekend update.

Friday night, after taking care of some last minute garage sale preps, Brett and I needed to unwind, so we watched a brainless movie - Undercover Brother. Then Saturday was the garage sale! We were SO blessed! The weather was absolutely perfect! We sold every piece of furniture except for a small side table and that was picked up off of our curb, so it must have gone to a good home as well. It was truly a nice day. I love hanging out with my mom, and because my grandmother offered her house for a location, I got hang out with Mamaw and Grandma too! And of course, Madi was there, stealing the show, as usual. We made enough to buy our dresser and enjoy a MUCH NEEDED relaxing meal at a restaurant that we like.

Today was a little stressful. It started out okay... I woke up earlier than I wanted to, so I was bummed. But then Brett came over around lunchtime and we, along with my parents and Madi, loaded into my dad's truck and drove to the Big Lots in North Richland Hills to pick up our dresser! I called seven stores before I found one that had it in stock, but I am SO glad that we got it! I am going to start moving my things this week, and everything is going to fit just right into our awesome new dresser.

After that, I went to work and Brett went to visit his mom. Thus entered the stress. It was a long afternoon for both of us which led to us enjoying some seafood at Red Lobster so that we could de-stress and relax a little. I decided that I needed an actual meal, carbs and all, before I could face the next two weeks. But it was just one meal. I shopped smart this weekend and tomorrow is a new day. I have NO regrets! I am feeling better than I have in days.

Between work and dinner, Jenna and I went to get me my wedding day makeup. I am glad to have that done! I should probably be embarrassed that my little sister had to help me pick out makeup, but I am just thankful that she was willing to help!

I got home a little after 11 tonight because Brett and I ran an errand after dinner. I took care of some wedding organizational things that REALLY needed to be done! It was just sending some emails, but it is so good to have that done. Now I am just waiting to hear back from my peeps.

I am making part of my bridesmaid gifts and I am super close to being ready to start on them. I have one more item to acquire and then I can get busy! Wednesday we are getting our marriage license. Woohoo! And sometime this week I am going to take my dress to be dry cleaned. (Any suggestions on where to take it Jennifer and Jenina? That is the email I forgot to send tonight...) Also, this week I am going to create our wedding program. In order to do that we need to make a decision about our music, but I think I can have it to the press by Friday.

I am working until 7 every day this week, except for Friday. Friday is my party with the girls! Woohoo! I need to get to work on time tomorrow, so I am going to head to bed. Finally. Stupid time change. Has me all off track.

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