Saturday, October 24, 2015

Falling So Far

It's so nice to walk outside and it feel like fall. The leaves aren't really raining down yet, but there was a day this week that a few leaves rustled by every time the wind blew. Music to my ears =-)

October is mostly through. We have settled into our new routine. Work, school, dinner, church. A little too much work/school, for my taste! We are in need of some husband/wife adventuring and memory making. It's not quite a desperate need yet, but if we don't get to planning something soon, it won't be long before the word desperate applies.

The dogs still bark at us every time we pull up to the new place. It's just their way. We haven't had anyone over yet, outside of family, and that has only been one at a time, but this time next week, we will be in the middle of our first shindig at the new Casa de Bacon. That's right - a happenin' Halloween hoopla!

And it hasn't been ALL work and no play. Last Saturday we went to an event in downtown Irving that my dad happened to be doing karaoke at. Events with my family are my favorite! I snapped a few pics at lunch.
Today, while Brett was at class, I hung out with Robin and Rebecca, two of my favorite ladies! Last time that Brett had a weekend class, we went and saw The Intern, which I LOVED, and there is a small clip of Singin' in the Rain in that movie. So we decided to have another play date the next time Brett had class and watch that movie. Well these girls know how to do it right. First of all, it was raining today, so perfect timing. Rebecca roasted chicken and vegetables and we made sugar cookies and used rain and fall themed cookie cutters! Too cute! Here is a before pic.
They were delicious =-)
Most of my evenings are full of felt and thread these days. My cousin Ragan asked me to make her a felt alphabet. I posted a picture of them on Facebook and someone else asked me for one. And it's pretty much continued that way for the past few months! They are so fun to make. And I'm getting faster and faster! I love the colors. I've also done a set of shapes and numbers.

And that's all the pictures I have to share. haha... tried to make this post a little prettier to look at! I thought I was in the mood to blog, but I'm being distracted by Friends on Nick at Night. Can't fight that! Hope your night was full of laughter and friends as well!

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