Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back in the Game

So remember last Tuesday when I said that I was going to start choir the next day? Yeah. That didn't happen. I went to church, and then realized that I had SO much to do to get ready for the first night of Bible study on Thursday, I put the car in reverse and got out of there! And it's a good thing I did. I was up until midnight.

But I went tonight. SO MUCH BETTER!!! I sat with Rebecca, who sits next to the three sassy choir ladies, and it was wonderful! This is definitely the right thing. I'm so happy to be back =-)

In other news... I still have a few last boxes to shift around - there's not really any room left for unpacking, just storing - but the apartment is feeling a little more like home every day. I'm looking forward to this Saturday. It will be the first time that Brett and I get to wake up without an alarm clock. We don't have to be anywhere til noon. Last Saturday he had class all day, so that had us both up at 6 a.m. I got to go back to sleep, but it will be so nice this Saturday to wake up late TOGETHER. I also think that we are going to both be home this Friday night, and that will be our first Friday night at the new place with no plans and no boxes to unpack. Sigh... just the thought is relaxing!

We have Open House at school tomorrow... it's going to be a crazy day! I need to head to bed, but I'm working on a little design job for someone, and I want to stay up a bit longer to see if he emails changes. I sent him new proofs and final files, but the instructions were really unclear on one of the changes, so I'm not sure I interpreted them correctly.

Okay. This post got boring! Mainly I wanted to say, yay for choir! I'm off to watch some Friends on Nick at Nite. I suggest you do the same =-)

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