Sunday, September 22, 2013

Some MUCH Needed R&R

Finally. We had a weekend that was both productive AND restful. There has been a lot of busy, a little productivity and no rest lately. I'm so thankful that this weekend was different.

I'm learning that it is difficult for me to not be busy at home. Not that I never rest here, and I am definitely my most relaxed when it is just me, my hubby and the voices in my head filling our sweet home, but there is always something to DO. I can't just sit and watch a movie, I have to get a load in the wash and the dishwasher and listen for them to stop so I can reload. Or I feel guilty if I'm not crafting (getting ready for the craft fair - check it out over at my other blog) or checking email or blogging or cleaning. You get my drift.

But this weekend, Chuck went out of town. So Brett and I said we would be happy to check in on the best boxer in the world - Oscar. We took over Star Trek Into Darkness, which came with a digital copy that I am loading into my iTunes as I type, a frozen lasagna, and pajamas. I watched an entire movie without feeling the need to get up for anything other than to let sweet Oscar outside to take care of business. It was awesome.

When we got home, I took 2 Motrin PM. My shoulder was killing me because I slept on it wrong on Thursday night. And I REALLY wanted to sleep through the night. And I wanted to sleep past 8:30. Guess what? Success on both accounts.

The only thing I had going on Saturday was celebrating my sweet mother's birthday. But I wasn't picking her up until 4:30. So I got out bed, brushed my teeth, and stumbled into my craft room. I set a goal for September that I'm not sure I can meet. I wanted to get all of my frames and canvases done for the craft fair. But I ended up being given 3 canvases and buying 6 more, so I've got a LOT left to do. I want to do them! I am digging putting quotes and song lyrics and Bible verses that I love into frames. But I don't want that to be the only thing that I have in my booth. I may do as many as I can in the next 8 days and then come back to them later if I have the time. We'll see.

Today, Brett "preached" for the first time ever. He has been teaching God's word for over a decade, but he has never done it on a stage for an entire congregation before. He did a great job! It was a small congregation, but we all enjoyed the word very much. I'm so proud of him. He is now laying in bed watching MASH after eating chicken soup for dinner. He's been fighting sickness for a few days and this evening, he threw his hands up and admitted that he felt icky.

I should be with him now, so I'm headed to bed. I'm going to end by asking the same question I just did over at Gypsy Rhetoric. What movie quotes or song lyrics would you like to see immortalized on canvas?

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