Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well, Dang

It's been too long since my last blog. Again. It's just been so busy around here! Mostly good busy. Some less good, work related busy. There have been plenty of blog worthy good times lately, but the busy is making me so tired! As is the Tylenol PM I took about 30 minutes ago, since I can't find our non PM medicine bottle. I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow =-)

Labor Day weekend was awesome! I hope everyone else had a great weekend too. We went to Tulsa to visit my life long friend, Jeff. He is the coolest and I am so happy that he is still in our life, even though he moved five hours away. Tulsa is a really neat little city. It has a lot to offer in a fairly small space. Beautiful homes, cool shops and tons of mom and pop restaurants.

We got there late Friday night, stayed up talking til 2 am and then slept until 8:30 on Saturday. Nice =-) We started our day at an awesome restaurant where my omelet and biscuit were so good that I am still wishing I had just one more bite! And then we spent the day doing what is one of my all time favorite activities: shopping. We went to the flea market and I found some really groovy treasures. Then we went to a really cool re-sale shop called Vintage Stock where Brett found some great deals on items he collects. After a couple of hours of downtime, we grabbed a light dinner and then headed to the drive-in where, for only $6, we saw a double feature of Brave and The Avengers.

We left Sunday morning so we could be home all day Monday. That's how I like my 3 day weekends!

This week has been crazy, but we made it through. It ended with a Ranger watching party at our house, with our Sunday School class. It was a little stressful to get ready for the party, but it was the perfect way to end the week. Just laughing with friends.

Today has been so nice. The high today was 88. 88 gorgeous degrees after an entire week of the students not being allowed to go outside in the afternoons because the temperature was over the limit, which is 103.

We slept in, then lounged around a bit and then went for lunch at our favorite restaurant, where we arrived early enough to get a seat outside on the patio. After lunch, I dropped Brett off at work and then began my hunt for curtains. He ended up only working an hour, and then joining me on my hunt. I am still without curtains, but after 4 hours of curtain hunting, I came home with a red shirt from Ross that cost $8.99, an orange and yellow dress from Lane Bryant (no, they don't have curtains, but I stopped in to pay my bill) that cost $12.99, Beatles Lego mini-figures from Target that cost $9.99, a ring from some store in Grapevine Mills Mall whose name I can't remember, that had the letter B scrabble block on it (B for Brett!) for $4.95, and the Gandolf, Gimli and Dobby mini figures key chains for $5 each. I love everything I got today, but I sure wish I had found some curtains!

Tomorrow will be a full day, but a good one =-) I'm off to snuggle with Brett before the Tylenol PM has me drooling into my pillow.

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jennalynn said...

Look at Erin's Blog She has some curtains for sale that maybe you would like!