Saturday, August 4, 2012

Survey Says...

I made it through the week. Can you hear my sigh of relief? Yesterday was the most challenging day. Thursday was probably the day that I felt the hungriest, but I had lots of 0, 1 and 2 point foods around to help me with that.

But yesterday was donut day. Have I mentioned donut day before? I probably have considering the number of times it has tormented me for 9 hours. 

We don't serve hot breakfasts at the school where I work, but there is always 50 cent cereal available for kids who didn't get a chance to eat at home. Cereal every day except Friday. Which is donut day.

Oh donut day. You saucy little minx.

I either look forward to it or dread it, depending on where my mind is on the health wave. Yesterday, donut day didn't really occur to me until I was driving to school, at which point I immediately reached into my lunch bag and started eating my cherries. I did NOT want to show up hungry. And the donuts weren't too loud during the morning. But then lunch came.

It was a weird week at school because my partner-in-crime co-worker Michelle was out of town. Normally, one person opens the school at 6:30, Michelle gets there at 7:30 and works until 4:30 and I get there at 9 and work until we close at 6:00. The owner is one of the busiest moms I know, so she had appointments and errands that couldn't be put off this week, so she worked every day from 6:30-11 and then left. All except for the one day that she had to be somewhere all day so I worked 6:30-6. Her plan was for me to open and close that one day, which was Tuesday, and then come in at 11 every other day to make up for the long day and also because I wouldn't be getting a lunch break because without her or Michelle there, there isn't anyone to give me a lunch break.

Well there is NOOOOO way that I can get a days work in coming in at 11:00. From 3:30-6:00 I am glued to the counter greeting and helping parents as they pick up their kids. That means I would only have 4.5 hours to actually work, and that just doesn't fly. So Monday I worked 9-6 with no break, Tuesday I worked 6:30-6 with no break, Wednesday I worked 10-6 with no break, Thursday I worked 11-6 with no break (I wasn't feeling great so I thought I'd give the short day a try... stresser!) and yesterday I worked 9:30-6 with no break.

The no break thing was a bit of a downer, but it meant that every morning I got to pack a lunch bag and I knew at breakfast time everything that I would eat that day. That was really helpful. When Michelle is back, I will start coming home for lunch again, but I will absolutely pack snacks for the work day like I did this week. Not doing so is just asking for trouble.

So. Back to yesterday. Donut day. Well, I brought soup for lunch. There was one other day this week that I brought something that needed heating up and I just ran to the kitchen when the cook came to the office to eat her lunch. She has worked at the school for over a decade so she can answer the phone and handle anything in the office that comes up in a two minute period. I thought I would do the same with my soup yesterday. But yesterday went crazy. This post is already long, so I won't tell you all of the things that were crazy about work yesterday, but the cook didn't get a break. She ate while she was working in the kitchen. And I ate all of my fruit, but then I was left alone in the office, wishing my soup were hot in a bowl and not cold in a can, and with a donut on the counter.

I'll get to the point. I ate the donut. My soup would have been 5 points, and I counted the donut as 10. It meant that I used every point yesterday, and for the first time that week, ate something I hadn't intended to, but it felt like my only option. And thankfully, I made the decision to eat the darn thing before spending hours debating it in my mind and getting more and more hungry to the point that the donut wouldn't have felt like enough.

So that was my week. I just weighed in and am happy to say that I am down 5 pounds. The first week of Weight Watchers is always like that. Thank goodness! It really helps you get ready to face week 2, which I am off to do right now. My sister has some WW pumpkin spice muffins waiting for me at my mom's house, 3 points each, nice! And Brett's mom wants to go to lunch. I need to look up what the points are for my new meal of choice at Chipotle. My favorite! Yumm!

Keep rockin' people!

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Marie said...

Super proud of you this week. With the week of stress and good food eating I know you can do it! HUGS from Houston!