Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back To Basics

I know you haven't heard from me much lately. When my weight is up, I tend to hide how and when I can. It's easy to hide from a blog. It's hard for me to be on my blog and not talk about the one thing that is dominating my daily thoughts... my weight. But I am back on the blog because today I am getting back to the basics. I just posted my weight on Weight Watchers and got my new daily point value. Today I start tracking again. Today I start walking on the treadmill (if it still works... I wish that were a joke!). And today I start drinking more water. I'm going to look for fresh vegetables at the store and low point foods that used to be go-to's. I always wonder at how I can be so lost when I'm at the starting point. Like, not sure of what the "go-to's" are. I continually find myself wondering "what did I used to eat"?

I hope that doesn't happen again. I hope this is the start of a permanent change. I hope that this time I can train my mind and body to want foods that are better for me.

In other words: here we go again.

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Marie said...

Keep looking forward and remember your goals! I love you and am praying for you! I ate a salad tonight because you reminded me to remember to take care of myself.Thanks for the inspiration!