Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Year Older and Deeper in... Life

I have now been 31 for an entire week. My birthday was last Thursday, but the whole week felt like a sort of celebration.

It was Teacher Appreciation week, so I got small gifts each day and Tuesday night the entire staff was treated to dinner at El Fenix where, I am happy to say, I finally found something on the menu that I like! The chicken quesadilla will be my go to from now on at that particular spot.

I had the day off Wednesday and it was GLORIOUS to have a day all to myself to do whatever I wished. And what I wished was to stay in bed until 8:00, catch up on emails and bill paying til 10, get my car washed, do some shopping, see The Avengers again, and go to dinner with my sweet boy.

Thursday was my actual birthday. The entire school wished me happy birthday all day. And then my mother took Brett and I to dinner.

I also got an AWESOME birthday song voicemail from my bestie Jeff, who I miss terribly. Thank you for my song!!!

Here is my birthday in collage form:

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday! It truly made my day!

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