Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Krista Chapter

So, we all know that I am an over-thinker. Sometimes my inner monologue feels like a novel. When I am reminiscing about a certain person, or period in my life, I think of it as a chapter in my book. And I have thought several times about having "chapters" on my blog, just to get the thoughts out of my head.

Well, I came across a blog that is TOTALLY giving me the chance to do that! Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner has a feature called "Show Us Your Singles", so that's exactly what I'm doing! Allow me to share a small portion of the Krista chapter with you:

Krista is one of my favorite friends. We met the first week (actually, probably day) of college. It was like at first sight =-) She can be a little quiet when you first meet her, but don't be fooled. I dubbed her "the tricky one" our sophomore year because she is spunky and sneaky and LOVES to laugh. It's one of my favorite things about her.

In fact, here is my favorite picture of her.

My wedding photographer was taking pictures of me with each of my bridesmaids, and Krista and I couldn't stop laughing. Minutes before I would say "I do", when I was so floaty I couldn't have told you my birthday, Krista was able to keep me calm enough to have a good laugh!

She is a kindergarten teacher, and her passion and dedication is incredibly inspiring. This is a picture of her in front of Kermit at the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And here she is on some of her other travels.

Krista is a world traveler =-) Do I sound like a proud PTA parent? It's because she is brave enough to travel the way that I would like to. She has been to Italy and New York and Alaska and so many places that I can't keep track. But she is always thinking about her next trip. She really appreciates the beauty in the world and humbly seeks to experience it up close.

She is a believer and loves her family. She is an incredibly loyal friend. The kind who calls, and will drive an hour to meet you for lunch.

In short, I know that she would make an amazing girl friend and wife. I love her to pieces! Thank you for being one of my chapters Krista! (and for letting me share you on my blog =-)


Lindley said...

Would Krista be open to meeting someone out of state? If so, I think she might be perfect for my brother. Here is the link to him on my blog- If she's interested, leave me a comment or email me (

Jenina said...

I love that you did this! I love Kelly's blog and I LOVE Krista!!!

Jennifer said...

So fun that you did this! I wanted to feature Jeff on my blog, but just ran out of time to get him to approve it. :) Maybe next time!

Alli said...

My sister and I nominated my brother too! He's number 138. Have Krista check him out! A great guy who might be great for your friend

Jenina said...

I think that Karl (#25) would be a good match for Krista!

Travis said...

Hi, my name is Travis. My friend posted about me (#34). If you would please pass along, if Krista is interested, she can email me. My email is

Dr. Francey Pants said...


My name is Chris. I am interested in getting to know Krista. Check out my blog Hope to hear from her soon.

Derek said...

Krista seems great! It sounds like she's got a real positive spirit, and I like that she likes to travel. My sister shared a bit about me on her blog: If she's interested, she's welcome to leave a comment there or email me,

Thanks for sharing your friend!