Monday, September 26, 2011

Countdown to...

FALL! Technically, Fall is here, but I am wishing and hoping to wake up to the kind of Fall day I dream about. The day that is crisp enough in the morning to make you want a light sweater and a cute scarf. We have had a couple of nice mornings, but nothing requiring extra accessories, and none day that stayed "Fallish", if you will, all day. I am also ready for my first Iced Pumpkin Chai of the season. And pumpkins. All all that jazz.

And then, of course, I am counting down to my TWO DAYS OFF! A four day weekend! Are you kidding me? This is the last week in September. Hard to believe. But it means I am THAT much closer to regaining my sanity.

This is a good thing. Trust me.

On my days off, I hope to:
- See a movie
- Eat outside at a delicious restaurant
- Enjoy the aforementioned pumpkin chai
- Buy a book and spend some time reading (probably with my pumpkin chai)
- Write a long overdue letter to a dear friend
- And maybe, just maybe, go the the fair. I REALLY want to see the musical

That is what is defined on my days off wish list, so far. Lots of other options have floated through my head. We will see what sticks.

Hope everyone's week started well!

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Telly C. said...

I am also super stoked about the Fall season! Crisp air, cozy clothing, and Fall flavors are the best :)