Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Now Doesn't Mean Not Ever

That's what I keep finding myself saying. Ya know how I'm always saying I wish I had a small business? I wish I had a creative outlet... made some sort of craft that was useful and people would buy. Well my co-worker, who I love, has recently made this happen for herself. She is so excited, and I am so happy for her, but it's making me kind of sad too. I feel like I've wanted this for so long, and it seemed to happen so quickly for her. But she is six years older than me. It's okay if she has things more together than I do, right? And just because it's not happening now, that doesn't mean it will never happen, right?

That's what I keep telling myself.

And just because there are parts of me that aren't completely fulfilled, that doesn't mean that I'm not happy. I love my husband, my family is safe and healthy, and I enjoy my job. God has blessed me immensely. So I'm not complaining... just occasionally wanting.

By the way... guess who has had four days in a row of on track eating??? This girl! It's been so amazing. My sister, Laura has been helping me every day and it has made a huge difference. I am feeling better already and I am feeling a little more confident each day that I can keep this up. That I can do better! I'm planning a couple of good walks this weekend, and really looking forward to them.

Tomorrow is donut day at work. Not looking forward to that. I am absolutely not going to eat a donut, but they are going to really bother me. Stupid delicious donuts.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! I hope to catch up on reading some blogs.

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