Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closing A Chapter...

I know I've been a bad blogger, but SOOO much has been going on. I can barely find time to think, much less blog these days. After weeks of searching, hours of prayer, too many emails, and one or two tears (of course), we have found a house to rent.

Moving is rarely easy. These days there are tons of houses on the market for sale, but few for rent. Rentals are going fast. And it's a great time to buy. But Brett and I aren't ready to buy. We just aren't. We want to rent before we buy. We went back and forth weighing pros and cons, but we could never get away from the feeling that we should rent first. Learn how to live in a house before we pay thousands of dollars for one.

I'm not going to recount all of the details, but I will say it's been interesting. Lots of ups and downs. I am really happy with the house that we ended up in though. It is a three bedroom, one bathroom with TONS of storage and lots of funky little features that have come to be thought of as awesome by little ole me. Just quirky weird things, like 24 shelves going down the hall that we are going to use to display comic books. You heard me. And a little wood burning stove in the living room that is all kinds of cute. It has a deck and an AWESOME pantry. An island in the kitchen and lots of drawers. I wrote a blog a loooong time ago about how having enough drawers in your kitchen to have a "junk drawer" makes you officially a grown up. Dude. We've got drawers! We could each have our OWN junk drawer if we wanted to! I think the biggest challenge about this house will be the one bathroom. We have been very spoiled newlyweds up to this point with two bathrooms and walk in closets. But we will be a different kind of spoiled now with our three bedrooms. Brett and I will each have a playroom =-) A "man-cave" and "craft room" if you will.

Anyway, I'm VERY ready to sign the papers tomorrow morning. We are going to celebrate tomorrow evening by going to the drive-in. A double feature for $6 per person, and a concession stand that is like all of the best parts of a high school cafeteria. haha. We are going to stay up late, sleep late on Saturday and then start packing. SO ready for that.

I'm off to read a few blogs before I go to bed. I need to quiet my head. Sleep is a must tonight. I have to be in Dallas at 8:00. =-)


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you found a place and I can't wait to see it!

John said...

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