Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On The Road Again

It is my first time to ever have mixed emotions about going to Houston. It is always a blessing to see our loved ones there and I am usually super excited when I am preparing for the trip. But tomorrow, only 5 days after returning from Houston, we will be driving there for a funeral. It is a sad day.

John, the son of Scott, who is one of Brett's best friends, passed away after a car accident Monday night. He was in his early twenties and he was a good kid. He made some poor decisions in his short life, and the last five years have been full of struggles for him and his family. But bad decisions are made by good people every day. And John was good. I am thankful to have known him, though I admittedly didn't know him well. I only had opportunities to interact with him on three separate occasions. The most recent was on Memorial Day when Scott and John drove here to get Brett's old car. It wasn't in very good shape, but Scott and John are the car savvy type. John needed a car, so he was the perfect next owner for the vehicle. Brett cared very much for John and he is feeling the loss very deeply.

This week has been dominated by the loss of our sweet friend. Monday night was hard and neither Brett nor I slept much. Sometimes, a sleepy Kim is a grumpy Kim, and yesterday was one of those times. It was a sad day, and all I wanted was to come home and rest, but we had an obligation arise that kept me on my tired feet, struggling to keep my eyes open, until 9:00. And then I had some computer work to do when I got home. But today was better. Work has been very full this week and Michelle has been very kind about the situation. My being gone on Friday is going to make the day difficult for her, but she isn't giving me a hard time about it. I hope that I get a lot done tomorrow so that no one has cause to be frustrated with me on Friday.

We will get to our hotel around 11 (I hope) tomorrow night and the funeral is at 2:00 on Friday, so we will have some time to rest up after the long drive. Brett wanted to stay the night on Friday as well so he could get as much time in with friends as possible. We will probably leave after lunch on Saturday and get home Saturday evening. That means another weekend not spent at home, and another week of being behind, but maybe I can catch up next weekend. There's always a chance, right?

I'm off to bed. Pray for Scott and his family on Friday. I cannot fathom the loss they are feeling. I think I would feel empty... even knowing God is in control, grieving takes time...

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!

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