Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010

Man. What a month this was. Not much went according to plan. Then again, I never took the time to do much planning.

We had 2 trips to Houston. We had about a weeks notice on each trip. They were both good trips. One full of fun surprises and one surprisingly full of smiles. Tears too. But not without smiles...

I threw up for the first time in who knows how long! I'm happy that it was bright pink. I had just taken some Pepto Bismol, so the pink was a nice cherry scented touch. Eww.

I lost a few pounds. Gained a bit too. I had a gain yesterday that I deserved every bit! Too much food in the office this week. And weird tummy urges after being continually emptied out for 48 hours.

I dressed as an M&M at school on Friday. THANK YOU MARIE for letting me borrow that costume. It was perfect. Free and easy, and absolutely comfortable since I wore my walking pants and a comfy 3/4 sleeve tee underneath.

I tried a couple of new recipes.

We had a Rockband 3 party.

We discovered the best burger in Texas.

I had a couple of pumpkin chai's. Maybe more than a couple, but who's counting, really?

I did some incredibly helpful journaling.

And I am happy to say that I am ending the month full of desires for a healthy November. I hope to do some walking and lots of fruit/veggie eating. I need to get a good jump on Christmas shopping. I have no idea if any crafting will take place. My allergies seem to be much more dominant this year and I can't imagine pulling all of my supplies back out after I put them all away for the party yesterday. I hope that changes... but we'll see.

I am feeling extremely ugly these days. I just feel so BIG. Because I am. I would like very much to change that.

Okay, I'm off for some water and to search for a cough drop.

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