Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Update

Day one of trying for a more focused attitude: not bad. It was definitely a better day. I drove to work telling myself not to worry about impressing my bosses every second of the day because God already knows the number of days I will have this job. It's not up to me to try to earn more. Just to do my best with the ones I have.

By the way, it was a CRAZY DAY! I am ALL KINDS of ready for school to start next week. I am ready for a more regular schedule!

Also, day three of Weight Watchers: pretty good! I only used one flex point yesterday, and I am about to head to bed with two points left. Nice! I was hungry a few times today. My lunch isn't until 1:30, so I don't eat until 1:50 or so. That is, if I leave for lunch on time, which today, I didn't. So it was closer to 2 when I ate. But I feel good about my choices today. Good portions. I need to work on getting some milk in and more lean protein. Fish for dinner tomorrow should help that out!

In other news, one of my oldest friends, Ruthie, was supposed to deliver her first baby today. We haven't heard any updates yet, but I am hoping to wake up tomorrow morning to good news and a picture of her sweet boy Jack!

I had a BLAST catching up on some blogs last night. I hope to do a lot of that this week. But tonight, bed calls. I'm pooped!

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Jennifer said...

Yay about WW!!! Keep up the good work, girl! :)